Burn Unit

While Burn Center was previously serving as a burn unit in the 1st Surgical Clinic, it was renewed by Chief Ali Galip DENEÇLİ on May 2011 and started to serve as the Burn Treatment Center at the present site. Our center, which consists of 12 beds, an operating room, two dressings and a hydrotherapy room, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy device and a polyclinic, accepts patients over the age of 18 with moderate and severe burns, additional trauma or comorbidities. Turkey as a whole and abroad. Our center is under management of 2nd division of General Surgery Clinic and responsible Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet YILDIRIM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Deniz UÇAR, Dr. Ozan Barış NAMDAROĞLU serves with a data recording staff, an anesthesia technician, 14 nurses and eight staff. Our center, which has a yearly average of 250 in-patients and 1250 out-patients, has an 85% occupancy rate and accepts 40% of its patients from outside İzmir. It has the same level as western counterparts in terms of success and efficiency with statistical results regarding health service provision.